Symmetricity – a novel in words, sounds and images

Symmetricity logoSymmetricity is a novel in words, sounds and images. Set in Berlin, it’s about music, and creativity, and family, and the way the brain works, and the nature of self and reality. It has been in development for over 5 years.

Symmetricity combines mystery, magic realism and metafiction, along with music that intersects the story itself. It will initially be presented serially, online, in various formats including flash eBook, pdf and other portable formats, podcast and videoblog.

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In 1973, an East German border guard patrolling a quiet section of the Berlin Wall has a strange and powerful experience: walking between apartments separated by the border, he hears piano music coming from either side – beautifully played and perfectly synchronized, as if by a single pianist… As he stands transfixed, he realizes that only he can hear it, from his unique position between the buildings – and between worlds…

Three decades later a young Canadian academic, in the midst of a personal crisis, has come to Berlin to explore his German father’s heritage and experience this remarkable city… and finds himself drawn into a series of bizarre co-incidences, uncovering a long-buried family tragedy and profoundly changing his understanding of himself and reality.