Sound Fascination

I have always been fascinated with sound. Much of my journey as a musician and composer has been driven by a love of and search for novel textures, ambiences, and soundscapes.

This led me to electronic music fairly early on (I had various analog synthesizers as a teenager), and computer-driven digital manipulation a bit later when it was, err, invented. I’ve had some sort of digital music setup more or less ever since, and I’ve produced a fair amount of music with it – some electronic, some acoustic and much of it combining both of these rich sources of sonic goodness.

Along the way I’ve assembled a rather large collection of sounds – virtual synthesizers, samplers, effects and more esoteric ways of generating and manipulating sound. I have a more or less limitless palette of sounds available here in front of me.

The aim of this project is to provide a framework in which I can use this amazing sonic diversity as a springboard for new creative work. ‘Sound Fascination’ is the name I’ve chosen for this little journal of sonic adventure. The pieces I’ll be posting here, as often as I can, are sketches. The basic ‘rules’ (perhaps it’s frienlier to call it a ‘prescription’) will be that I will start and finish each piece in one sitting, spending no more than an hour or so on each one, and that I will publish them immediately. There are no other rules…

Head over to to learn more about the project, or check out the compilation volumes available for download or CD purchase:

sound fascination volume 1
sound fascination volume 2
sound fascination volume 3

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