‘continuum’ solo piano series

continuum:one front coverFulfilling a lifelong dream, in 1999 I inaugurated the ‘continuum’ concert series. These solo concerts are fully improvised, long format live performances drawing on jazz, classical and New Age influences. The listener is invited to join in a remarkable journey, a leap of faith…

I am interested in exploring the possibility of tapping into a musical flow – a continuum – which is ‘out there’ somewhere, and happening all the time, continuously… It just needs people – open, engaged performers and listeners willing to offer their focus, to bring it to life.

As much as possible without being precious about it, I try to approach the piano with nothing pre-conceived at all in terms of what I am going to play. The results are invariably surprising to me, both musically – I frequently have no idea how I am actually able to play what comes out – and in terms of their intensity and emotional directness.

I attribute a great deal of this to the energy and focus of a live audience, who participate in and are a vital part of the experience and thus, of the music itself. Hearing them recorded is one step removed from this immediacy, but hopefully some of it comes through…

The results of this have been captured on a number of albums:

Solo Piano Works (excerpts)
The Broken Saints Concert
the cathedral concert / harpsichord improvisations
continuum two: berlin


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  2. Mark Johnson
    Oct 07, 2010 @ 18:12 pm

    I think that these are the type of personal musical projects that take one to another level of appreciation towards music.

    Good idea, and I enjoyed reading your post.


  3. Elfed Dowler-Jones
    Apr 16, 2011 @ 12:39 pm

    Your music and ideas are really cool. I don’t have much; if any, time to listen, but I’ll buzz you on the forum about the various file formats for downloading.

    Great stuff!

    All the best



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