How is creativity like jumping off a cliff?


The Cliffjump! Manifesto is a book, or at least the framework of a book, which distills much of what I’ve learned over a lifetime of creative work and play, into a plan for a healthier, more joyful approach to creativity. It’s also an attempt to build something more…

The Cliffjump! Manifesto is intended for anyone who feels, as I do, that there should be both more and less to creative work: more joy, more discovery, more fulfillment and satisfaction; and less pain, angst, doubt and self-torment. It identifies some of the roots of the negative habits we tend to form, over time, that infect our creative lives and make them less than they could be, or more painful… and it aims to replace them with a healthier structure.

The purpose of this humble little project is to explore the creative process from three perspectives: psychological, practical, and philosophical*, and to offer a guide to a way of approaching creative work that has been remarkably fulfilling and empowering for me.

On a psychological level, I’ll be exploring some of the fears that I feel hold us back from our innate creativity, and looking at some novel ways to work around them. I’ll examine five specific negative habits of thinking that I believe interrupt and stifle creative flow. And I’ll try to provide some guidance on how to avoid them as much as possible, though I personally feel we can never fully or permanently ‘cure’ ourselves of them.

On a practical level, I’ll distill the lessons I’ve learned over a lifetime of creative work into a simple and reliable framework on which to build a rewarding and fulfilling creative habit. In the place of the five negative patterns mentioned above, I’ll be proposing five elements of a healthier, more positive approach to creative work.

Finally, on a philosophical level, I’ll take a deeper look at the essence of the creative life. I’ll show how, for me at least, it fits into a larger worldview – and how this way of seeing and approaching creativity might bring more meaning, purpose and empowerment into our lives and our societies. (Note: the full-length, paid version of the book goes into much more detail on this level…)

So what are you waiting for? Go check it out