Broken Saints soundtrack series

Broken Saints Selected - coverBroken Saints began as an experimental online serial graphic novel in 2000, created on a shoestring budget in a basement in North Vancouver by Brooke Burgess, Ian Kirby and Andrew West. It’s a dark, sophisticated story that follows the adventures of “four strangers from the quiet corners of the globe” and poses a rather weighty question: What Would You Give To Know The Truth?

When Brooke asked me to provide original music to enhance the dark and powerful storyline and imaginative art, I volunteered my existing catalogue (specifically, the albums ‘Passage‘ and ‘A Suite Hereafter‘, and later expanded on these with tracks composed specifically for the series, collected  in Volume 3 and Volume 4.

The resulting body of work is mostly instrumental and electronic, often ambient or atmospheric, but always intended to be engaging and to provoke active listening… This work is deeply concerned with the subtle, dynamic interplay of acoustic and electronic sounds and textures; between the spontanaeity, depth and physicality of real instruments played by real people – or, in some cases, the profound and direct emotionality of the human voice – and the precision and infinite possibilites of digital editing and computer-assisted sound design.

The series was eventually seen by millions of people, won a Sundance Audience Choice award in the online category, and was released internationally by Fox Home Video as a 4-disc special edition DVD set. It remains my most successful / visible work to date, and still holds up rather well even though some of it was recorded almost 20 years ago!

The following albums are part of the Broken Saints soundtrack series:

Broken Saints Selected
Broken Saints volume 1: Passage
Broken Saints volume 2: A Suite Hereafter
Broken Saints volume 3
Broken Saints volume 4

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