Aeos Records

Aeos Records logoAeos Records (Acoustic, Electronic, Organic, Supersonic!) is my online label, home to more or less all the music I’ve been involved with over the last 20 years or so. It is broken down into ‘projects’, which are also presented here: the Broken Saints soundtrack series, the ‘continuum’ solo piano series, my trio Stillness3 (meditation in the form of sound!), other band projects that are dormant but still musically interesting, and my ‘novel in words, sounds and images’, Symmetricity.

Most albums available through Aeos Records are linked from thumbnails on this site. All are released under a Name Your Price model, with a reasonable minimum in most cases except the two compilation albums. All proceeds go directly to the artist(s) – skip the middleman! Ecommerce and streaming preview are handled by the wonderful BandCamp. Of course, most titles are also available through iTunes, eMusic and other mainstream online venues.

Most tracks are also Creative-Commons licensed, so if you feel like chopping them up and doing something creative with them, I’m fine with that as long as credit is given and the results are released under a similar license (‘Share-Alike’).

Enjoy the music and please leave me a comment here or on the Aeos Records site if you like it (or even if you don’t)!